About Us

Lumo is what happens when a pediatric ICU nurse dates a product engineer (that’s me) with too much time — and grime! — on my hands

Like you'd expect from a pediatric ICU nurse and product engineer couple, we had the "hand washing" argument a few months into dating. The "did you even use soap?" after I walked out of the bathroom, to which I erroneously replied "It was only #1...."  🤦‍♂️

30 minutes later, I had learned 3 very important facts:

  1. The CDC recommends 20+ seconds of soap and water during a proper hand wash, and 95% of Americans wash for less than 6 seconds. That’s kind of like running through a set of sprinklers on your way home from the gym and saying, "I showered!" 
  2. There are seven steps to a “proper” hand wash to ensure total hand coverage. Missing any of these steps means that you could be leaving buildup in key areas, such as under your fingernails, the palms, finger webs, etc. The point of washing your hands is to prevent the spread of disease, which means missing these buildups is like coughing into your hand right before a handshake.
  3. My new girlfriend had a burning passion for bringing proper hand hygiene to the world. If I wanted to remain "the boyfriend," I was going to have to step up my hygiene game.  

Lumo was born as a tool to create better hygiene habits for people like myself, who need a gentle reminder to be better to protect those around us from disease.

We are manufactured in California, and always looking to improve our product!  Drop us an email, or hit us up in the chat. We're always looking for feedback. 🥰

Stay safe, stay clean, and wash your hands! 🙌🧼